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Landscape Design


Whether you are a single residence owner, an HOA or a corporate developer Eco-Land Design can create a landscape plan for your needs. Trained in Florida Friendly landscape practices they are aware of the many challenges Florida’s environment presents. All aspects of your property will be considered including hardscape. Eco-Land Design can also assist HOA’s in developing landscape guidelines incorporating Florida Friendly practices.

Irrigation System Evaluations


The need for direct assistance for potable water users and residential customers on the appropriate use of irrigation systems has never been more apparent.  Recent drought conditions, watering restrictions and legislation have heightened this need.  Eco-land Design employes experienced Certified Irrigation Auditors who have worked with various municipalities and water management districts to implement irrigation outreach programs.


Land and Urban Planning


At Eco-Land Design our professionals have extensive experience working with municipalities and private developers on a variety of planning projects. Our Landscape Architects can provide conceptual and alternate plans for your property.  Past projects include parks, commercial and residential development.


Construction Management Services


Overseeing project construction, bid preparation and permitting are often overlooked but extremely vital steps to a successful project. Eco-Land Design can provide construction administration from beginning permitting to construction observation/final install.  No project is too small (individual residences) or too big (large roadways).



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